This is a Retro SNES Style RPG inspired by Dragon Quest. I put my heart into this project with the intent of creating a great game.


* Down Arrow Key - Navigate Menu Down, Move character Down

* Up Arrow Key - Navigate Menu Up, Move character Up

* Right Arrow Key - Go the next menu screen, Move character right

* Left Arrow Key - Go to previous menu screen, Move character left

* Tab - Open game menu tab

* C - Talk to characters, open chests

* Enter Key - Open menu, confirm option

* Escape Key - Exit menu


* 140+ unique enemies, all with unique stats and abilities

* Unique terrains and landscapes including deserts, forests, mountains, caves, a pyramid and even a volcano!

* 10 towns to visit, 4 castles to see, and a vast world to explore

* 26 Spells to master

* Earn gold to buy the newest equipment


Art: Stephen "Redshrike" Challener, Antifarea, Blarumyrran, Hero of Allacrost, JosephSeraph, MrBeast, Surt, Bart

Music: Opengameart


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Looks nifty, look forward to playing it. Custom engine or something off the shelf?